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We manufacture mobile hospital and mobile clinic trailers and buses with the widest range of medical equipment in the world.


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* The trailer is manufactured on 3 axles and 13500mm trailer with special project in international medical standards. Special air suspension system and axles were used for maximum vibration loss of the trailer.
Body Dimensions (Exterior)
Length: 13500mm
Width: 2550mm
Height : 4000mm

* Body constructions are made of npu140 box profile .
* Floor 90mm sandvich panel with steel construction.
* The floor is covered with 22 mm marine plywood and anti-bacterial pvc
* Side walls 55 mm panel system, internal and external 2.5 mm FRP insulation applied.
42 kg / m3 polyurethane and Dow international standard insulation properties.
* Roof covered with 50 mm panel system.
* Internal side shock tape was applied in all trailers.
* The outer corners are manufactured with anodized aluminum profile.
* Expansion areas are made with special cassette technology. There is no need to relocate items on the cassette wings that are opened during travel and installation. Fixed goods and equipment can be placed.
* Special clamshell warehouses have been added to the lower section for various functional purposes.
* In a separate room, an electric yacht – type toilet and a shower-toilet were added.
* In the section reserved as a pharmacy, glazed cabinets and warehouses are produced up to the ceiling.
* 100 lt clean and grey water tanks work with electric macerator system.
* Special opening and installation with hydraulic system . There are 4 side and 4 ground fixing Pistons.
* hydraulic back cover can be opened zero to the floor. in addition to the special disabled ramp system, all kinds of heavy and bulky materials can be conveniently placed and removed in the vehicle.
* Special fenders and safe rubber pads – kick plate were applied on the outer body.
* Body side panels are aluminum composite finish.
* Floor inner side is aluminum composite coating.
* A double-sided expandable system on the body allows you to open and close in 5 minutes.
* 5 rooms and one large hall in the trailer can be duplicated and reduced for different purposes.
* 50 kwa single-phase and also three-phase axle generator is capable of providing electricity to the vehicle, as well as operating all kinds of assistance and rescue machines for internal and external use.
* Generator and electrical system are managed from the main control and fuse panel.
* All walls are furnished with 220 V sockets.
* LED lamp units on the ceiling are fed with a special light system that will not tire the eyes.
* There are 5 external LED lamps for external area lighting.
* Heating and cooling is provided by 6 A / C air conditioners. With a total of 72000btu / h in the vehicle, the same rate of air conditioning is provided in each point and Room of the vehicle.
* All trailers are manufactured with fire-resistant wiring and fire-resistant materials..
* There are 220V external input plug and 20m connection cable from outside.
* 4-point-to-ground hydraulic fixing system is manufactured for seamless installation of the vehicle on all kinds of asphalt or soil ground.
* Water and impact resistant wooden storage cabinets and work tables are manufactured with standard color harmony in many parts of the trailer.